What do you think of when you mention generation Z? quadratic element? Internet aborigines? With the young generation Z gradually entering the society, the consumption ability of generation Z as a new consumer group is not inferior. At present, generation Z has become the focus of attention from all walks of life.
 Generation Z


提到Z世代,你会想到什么?二次元?互联网原住民? 随着年轻的Z世代们逐步迈入社会,作为新消费人群的Z世代们消费能力毫不逊色,目前Z世代已经成为了社会各界关注的焦点。

In order to develop the market and embrace end consumers, Renke food, an old brand cocoa factory, found DCC to create a chocolate product suitable for generation z from the existing chocolate products and settled in the offline supermarket shelves. However, it is a new consumption era of chocolate. If there is no subversive reason for purchasing the products, how can consumers be excited on the colorful shelves?


Based on the social attribute of sharing and planting grass, the generation Z group has developed different circle cultures. They exchange feelings and build friendship with each other.

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It is also generation Z’s consumption preference to love the second dimension, emphasize experience and look at appearance. As a two-dimensional creature, he especially likes to be funny and funny. We captured this strong mind and created this “chocolate from the second dimension” through the picture form of the split cartoon. How to enrich the story of comics and let consumers establish a clever plot connection point with chocolate has become a very interesting thing. The theme we found is “cocoa beans fight”.

When we opened the cocoa fruit, we found that the cocoa beans were engaged in a two-dimensional chaos in the shell. Some of them were playing a challenge, some were drinking and watching a play, some were waving flags and shouting. The anthropomorphic cocoa beans and exaggerated action deduction made the “buying chocolate” instantly interesting.


To solve the problem of interest and story, we also need to make the packaging color of products stand out among nearly 100 similar products on the shelf. The combination of high saturation orange red and cream yellow has strong visual impact and recognition. The thick, flat and broad font lines create a boiling feeling of blood, and provide an effective carrier for the “self-expression” of products on the shelf.